Praying at the Wailing Wall


It was a tremendous honor to be able to approach this holy place. Much of my life, I have seen photos and read stories about the Wailing Wall and wondered if I would ever get here. It was moving to have stepped up to the wall and to have shared prayers with the countless millions who have and will place their hands here. The Western (or Wailing) Wall is part of the original Temple Mount before the Romans destroyed the last Temple in Jerusalem in AD 70.

Photographically, the wall ranks among the most photographed sites in the world. I am sure that anything I took here will mimic dozens or hundreds of other similar images. Of course, even with this daunting challenge, I had to turn my lens to attempt to capture it from my viewpoint.

I snapped this candid of the Western Wall and really love the feel of the image. The angle of the shot, the texture of the blocks, the devout pray-ers, and the pigeon all work together as elements that knit the image into a powerful composition.

Across the barrier is the women’s section of the wall.


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