Moon Covered by Clouds B&W

I am testing out a new D-7000 today and could not resist going out to capture the wonderful full moon tonight. I was able to shoot one unobstructed shot before a large number of clouds blew in. As the saying goes, when given lemons, one makes lemonade.

I have always struggled with trying to capture photos of the moon and clouds with their silvery margins. So I turned my attention to attempt to do so and was actually successful! I was finally able to capture an image I have tried for for years! It all comes down to balance of lighting — if you overexpose the moon for the cloud, you lose the moon detail. If you stop down for the detail in the moon, you lose the clouds!

Of course, I was complaining. I had driven out to the Burlington airport and was confronted by the clouds. I tried shooting at “reasonable” exposures but could not see detail in the little 3″ view on the camera so I thought I had (once again) blown it! But, thank God, the images were good….

I processed this image through NIK Software’s Silver Efex Pro to produce a stunning black and white image.


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