“Puffy” the Kitten (A Black and White Remix)

This is an old photo from my archives, but I had to resurrect it because it is so cute. “Puffy” was a kitten we kept for a week or two while I was in college until she could be adopted by someone.

Here, she had jumped up on the side table and remained posed until I could take this handheld shot. Being handheld by a single lightbulb, the image is a bit “soft” but I adds to the cuddly feeling of the kitten’s fur. Originally shot on Plus-X Pan with a Canon 50mm f/1.4. The negative was scanned with a Nikon Coolscan V ED. It had a considerable amount of dust in spite of all my cleaning efforts. Dust reduction was done manually in Photoshop.

This remixed version was done using control-points in Silver Efex Pro 2. I also blue-toned it and burned the edges slightly. I wanted to try an experiment to see how Silver Efex would work on a true Black and White image.

The original scan processed through Photoshop alone is here. You be the judge on which image you think is better — I feel they both have merit.


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